Release dates:
Dec 8 2021 Specimen Zero release
Jan 20 2022 Deflector EA release
Feb 28 2022 Specimen One release
Mar17 2023 Deflector full release

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Short Description

Deflector is a high-octane bullet hell roguelite set in a deadly world. Upgrade your characters with the DNA you find, evolve them further during your runs and explore the farthest reaches of this microcosm.


Deflector is a dynamic roguelite bullet hell game featuring pulse-pounding action, menacing bacterial monsters, and bullets as far as the eye can see. Dodge and deflect enemy attacks from every direction as you explore a deadly Petri dish swarming with viral enemies. Defeat foes with your own brutal arsenal or deflected projectiles to earn valuable DNA. If you want to survive, you’ll use it to evolve your specimen through a sprawling system of skills and upgrades that dramatically affect how you traverse levels and slay enemies. Master your character and become the perfect cure.


  • Thrilling action built around deflecting enemies’ bullets back at them
  • Flexible upgrade system with endlessly varied and rewarding options
  • Wide selection of unique playable specimens that can be evolved to suit your playstyle
  • Vibrant, distinct worlds full of enemies and traps


Arrowfist is a spanish company located in Barcelona, currently developing their first big project, Deflector, a nonlinear roguelike with a combat system based on deflecting and a unique skill combination system. They started working on it in early 2020, when they were selected as one of the 5 studios to join the 5th incubation program of GameBCN, a videogame startup accelerator located in Barcelona. With Deflector, studio want to bring new and fresh ideas to the roguelike genre to create a unique experience based on the basic pillars of the roguelike games.





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